Restored: An Enemies to Lovers Second Chance Romance

The first time they met, she would have sacrificed it all to be with him. Years later, all he wants is a second chance with the one that got away…

The first time I met Dale Chance, I was ready to give up everything to be with him. We were young and stupid, and desperately in love. At least I was. But I got played, and it was a lesson in trust that I’ll never forget.

Now he’s back, and circumstance is forcing me to spend time staring into the handsome face that still haunts my dreams. He’s renovating my parents’ home–where I’m living while I produce the show that will secure my career.

I don’t need the distraction and I definitely don’t want another heartbreak, so I agree to a truce. But Dale wants more…

Rebecca is the only woman I’ve ever really loved, the one I was willing to risk everything for. We’d planned to elope. But all those years ago, the night I knew she was waiting for me, I didn’t show up.

I had my reasons. And though she’ll never believe me, I didn’t go that night because I was protecting her.

Now I find myself in her world again – the kid from the wrong side of the tracks desperately in love with a woman who’s way out of his league. But maybe this time I can make things right. If only she’ll give me another chance.

Restored is the second book in the Chance Brothers series, but each book can be read as a standalone. Restored is a full-length contemporary romance full of second chances, cross-the-tracks appeal, and steamy romance.