About Me...

Hailing from the tropical haven of Puerto Rico, Nikki Kiley has woven the spellbinding tapestry of contemporary romance through her evocative writing. As a voracious reader from an early age, she was captivated by the transformative power of stories. Fueled by this passion, she dreamt of crafting narratives that would resonate with readers and transport them into a realm of heartfelt romance, just as she had been by many an acclaimed author.
When the lockdown turned her home into her workspace, Nikki seized this opportunity to metamorphose her dreams into reality. Trained as an accountant and leading a medical office by day, Nikki transitioned seamlessly into her author’s role, pouring hours into the creation of riveting stories about everyday heroes and heroines yearning for their shot at love.
Despite her professional obligations, Nikki has always found solace in the company of her charming husband and their two young adult children, who are her biggest cheerleaders. In her downtime, Nikki revels in the tranquility of the beach, the rich brew of her Nespresso, and the guilty pleasure of traveling. As an author, she hopes to infuse her readers’ lives with the same joy and excitement that these simple pleasures bring to her own.